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A Glass Ceiling or a Glass Maze: What do we really think about working women?

Broadcaster: BBC 2 Year: 2009 Genre: Documentary URL: Review by: Tracey Jones Nearly a hundred years after women legally obtained the right to vote and some people are still questioning whether women should work or stay at home to raise a … Continue reading

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Oral History and the Children of World War II

Broadcaster: BBC 2 Year: 2013 Genre: Documentary URL: Review by: Georgina Lockton Children of World War II is a thirty minute programme in which three people who were children in Britain during the Second World War talk about their memories to a … Continue reading

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Marie Antoinette: An Interpretation

Broadcaster: 5* Year: 2013 Genre: Drama URL: Review by: Jemma Harbot Marie Antoinette (2006), written and directed by Sofia Coppola, documents the life of the Archduchess of Austria. The film begins with her departure from Austria in 1770 and ends with … Continue reading

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